• Designing networks and treatment of the industrial wastes of factories, cities and villages

  • Designs of networks and water purification projects.

  • Designs of different networks of roads, electricity, phone lines and water

  • Structural design of industrial wastes, water treatment plants, sewage treatment, pumping stations and electric generation plants.

  • Architectural designs and urban planning

  • Ports, Mapping for Petrol and water pipelines, monitoring of settlement of Large Stucturesr

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ENCOM GROUP was established formally in 1990 by Prof. Dr. Eng. Mohamed Ahmed Mohamedien and his Parteners. The company headquartered is in Cairo, Egypt and
hase a managing directors in most of Engineering Fields. The group includes consultants of
more than 35 years of experience and more than 200 projects achieved in Egypt and
Arab countries. Moreover, it applies its projects according to specific plans aiming to
its projects on time with the financial affairs formerly discussed with its clients.

The consulting and management engineering group includes a specialized group in most of the engineering fields related to the design of civil and electromechanical works (port terminals, port structures, shore protections, water and sewage networks, sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants, ordinary and special structure works, supervision and project managements and preparation of final tender documents).
Encom Group, building, and management and maintenance of the infrastructure that supports modern including buildings, bridges, roads, railways, tunnels society. Airports and mines. Dams and seaports and harbors; water supply and sanitation schemes. And irrigation systems and Works mitigate the effects of floods

encomgroup, offers a range of engineering projects in all sectors of infrastructure and Wastewater and Urban charts and other projects related to the other domain Structural address

Our Client
We have many customers who have been providing engineering services in the Structural Majali at home and abroad and provide them with all the services of the infrastructure and other engineering projects Other

Latest Project
  • Firehouse
  • Firehouse
  • Firehouse
  • Firehouse